Reviews for Coventry

"Frederick Taylor's impressive book is easily the most authoritative study available of the devastation of Coventry 75 years ago… A gripping account of the background to the raid and the destruction of the city."

Sir Ian Kershaw, author of Hitler: Hubris and Hitler: Nemesis.

"Taylor exposes one of the 20th century's most savage military innovations, aerial bombing, in a well-researched, engaging book... A superb portrait of some of the realities of World War II and the increasingly destructive technology created during that time."

Kirkus Reviews 

"Taylor ... does an excellent job of telling the story of the Coventry raid ... Taylor's thorough, authoritative account elegantly explains the horrors of that night, as well as the wider story of the raid's significance in the air war's collective descent into barbarism."

Roger Moorhouse,  Financial Times

"Riveting... vivid... Taylor's account of flame and ruin in the Midlands in November 1940, superbly researched, shows how terror could come to anyone, anywhere, any time. It still can."

Ian Thomson, The Spectator